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Chapter 47
Ponies and Peter and Johnny's wedding pt1

As soon as the two groups got to the school they found Sunset Shimmer in her monster form which now looked more dragon like and Queen Beryl who looked like Nightmare Moon but had a red main and a dark red pelt. "This time you will not defeat us!" Sunset Shimmer yelled at Twilight who glared at the evil pony as Fluttershy, Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Rarity and Pinkie Pie took their places around Twilight causing the princess and her friends to glow as they began to float in the sky.

"Right Moon Serenity Power!" yelled Serena as she closed her eyes but her horn didn't even glow causing Queen Beryl to laugh as she attacked the scouts and knights causing them to dodge. "What are we going to do now? Our powers don't work." Molly asked worringly causing Kayla to shake her head. "I'm not giving up. We may not have our powers but we are still sailor scouts. Remember, Once a power ranger, always a power ranger. Well I say Once a sailor scout, always a sailor scout." Kayla told her friends determainly before she walked over to the evil pony. "I am not afraid, I may not have my powers but I will defeat you. I call upon the powers of the Sun, help me in this fight." began Kayla causing her horn to glow. "SUN POWER!" yelled Kayla causing her to glow bright yellow as her power left her horn and hit Queen Beryl.

"Kayla's right, we can't give up. We can defeat Queen Beryl, even if we don't have our power. I call upon the powers of the Moon, help me win this fight." began Serena causing her horn to glow. "MOON POWER!" yelled Serena causing her to glow bright white as her power left her horn and hit Queen Beryl.

The other scouts looked at each other, nodded and then walked over to Serena and Kayla.

"I call upon the powers of Mercury, help me in this fight." began Amy causing her horn to glow.

"I call upon the powers of Mars, help me in this fight." began Raye causing her horn to glow.

"I call upon the powers of Jupiter, help me in this fight." began Lita causing her horn to glow.

"I call upon the powers of Venus, help me in this fight." began Mina causing her horn to glow.

"I call upon the powers of the Earth, help me in this fight." began Molly causing her horn to glow.

"I call upon the powers of Halloweentown and Rainbow, help me in this fight." began Kath causing her horn to glow.

"MERCURY POWER!" yelled Amy causing her horn to glow bright blue as her power left her horn and hit Queen Beryl.

"MARS POWER!" yelled Raye causing her horn to glow bright red as her power left her horn and hit Queen Beryl.

"JUPITER POWER!" yelled Lita causing her horn to glow bright green as her power left her horn and hit Queen Beryl.

"VENUS POWER!" yelled Mina causing her horn to glow bright orange as her power left her horn and hit Queen Beryl.

"EARTH POWER!" yelled Molly causing her horn to glow bright brown as her power left her horn and hit Queen Beryl.

"RAINBOW POWER!" yelled Kath causing her horn to glow bright black and bright oranger as her power left her horn and hit Queen Beryl.

Screams of pain filled the air as rainbow light wrapped around Sunset Shimmer causing the evil creature to be destoryed once and for all just as the scouts destoryed Queen Beryl once and for all as well.

As soon as Twilight and her friends landed on the ground, they, their colt-friends and the knights ran over to the spot where the scouts had stood. "Serena! You and the scouts did it!" yelled Darien as he ran over and nuzzled his wife who grined tiredly just as wings sprouted from her sides and a Moon appeared on her flank.

"What's going on?" Greg asked worringly as wings sprouted from Amy's sides as the Mercury symbol appeared on her flank.

"They earned their cutie marks. Cutie marks show what a pony's special talent is. No two cutie marks are the same. They must have earned their cutie marks after they defeated Queen Beryl but that doesn't explain how they earned the wings." explained Twilight who was nuzzling Flash Sentry as wings and cutie marks appeared on Raye, Lita, Mina, Molly, Kath and Kayla.

"I believe I can answer that Twilight." said a voice as a beautiful pony flew out of the sky and landed next to Twilight. "Cadence!" yelled Twilight happily as she ran over to her former foal sitter now sister in law and nuzzled her.

+Night, Crystal Empire+

Princess Celestria, Princess Luna and Princess Cadence led the main six, their colt-friends, the scouts with Kayla carrying Naveen on her back, the knights, Alex who had Adam on his back and Peter who had Phillip on his back, to a large room that held two portals. Twilight reconized the first portal as the one that led her and Spike to the strange world where they were turned into humans but Twilight didn't reconized the second one.

"After Twilight and Spike returned from the other world, my sister Luna and I had the portal moved to this room so that no other pony will go through the portal again when it opens once more. While all of you were fighting Sunset Shimmer and Queen Beryl, Loki, Luna, Cadence and my self used our magic to create this second portal that will send the scouts, the knights, Prince Apollyn, Prince Pete and young Princes: Naveen, Adam and Phillip back to their world. It will also serve as a two way portal so that they can return here and visit just as Twilight, Flash Sentry and their friends can visit the scouts and knights in their world." explained Princess Celestria causing everyone to cheer.

After tearful good-byes and promises to return to Ponyville as well as promises from Twilight and her friends to visit Tokyo, Japan, the scouts, knights, Alex, Peter and the triplets went through the portal that led them to the Moon Castle causing the scouts and knights to teleport back home with Alex, Peter and the triplets.

As mid-July came so did the upcoming wedding of Peter Damon and Johnny Storm or Spiderman and the Human Torch.

At the moment Peter and Kayla were in their costumes as Spiderman and Tweety were on board the hellicarrier where they were giving wedding invitations to Danny Rand or Iron Fist, Danny's girlfriend Ava Ayala or White Tiger, Sam Alexander or Nova, Luke Cage or Power Man, Director Nick Fury or Sleipnir Thorson, and Phil Thorson-Barton.

"Alright next is M.J, Harry, Gwen, Deadpool, Blade, the Howling Commandos..." Peter thought outloud before he was interupted.

"Woah! Woah! Waoh! Repeat that?" Kayla interupted Peter. "The Howling Commandos?" Peter asked knowing that he had told his sister about his strange adventure last Halloween with Blade and the Howling Commandos causing the vampire teen to worry about her brother and the brainwashed Dracula. "No, who's name did you say before Blade?" Kayla asked her brother who looked at her curiously and then chuckled. "Deadpool or Wade Wilson, my ex-boyfriend and friend." explained Peter causing the pigtailed girl to groan as she put her head into her hands. "When did Kayla meet Deadpool? I thought you had only met him last year?" Ava asked causing Peter to shake his head. "I have met and dated Wade Wilson before but last year was the first time I met his alter ego. Wade and I broke up after dating for two months after Johnny and I split up thinking we weren't true love. Wade is still my friend and he has even made friends with Johnny." explained Peter as Director Fury called Blade and the Howling Commandos.

"Wade, pretty much acted like he had ADHD and didn't take any pills for it. He was prue nuts. But he was a good friend." explained Kayla. "Ahh, kiddo! Didn't know you cared that much for me!" yelled a voice as a figure in black and red dropped down from the ceiling and hugged the brunette siblings causing Kayla and Peter to roll their eyes. "So Petey, I over heard that you and Johnny were getting married and I for one would love to come." said Deadpool happily after he let Peter and Kayla go.

"Thanks Wade." said Peter happily. "There is just one problem. I don't have a date to this little wedding but perhaps your little sister wouldn't mind escorting me?" Wade explained to Peter and then asked the webhead causing Kayla to laugh.
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Triton is from Disney's Hercules the Animated Series

Contains spoilers to the ending of Winx Club: Beyond Believeix

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Congratulations to the Sailor Ponies for earning their Cutie Marks.
Meanwhile... looking forward to the wedding of Spiderman and the Human Torch.
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thanks but the wedding may have to be on hold as Peter and Kayla find themselves called to help a man in need and thanks for the fave!

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